Our Story in BE International

Who am I? My name is Jimmy Soo, Malaysian and Singapore PR who has worked in IT Industry for 12 years (as of 2019) in Singapore. I got my Bachelor's First Class Degree major on Computer Security, therefore, I worked for Sulzer (Switzerland Company) as part of the Global Information Security team in the past, … Continue reading Our Story in BE International

Aulora Pant – 脊椎骨手术后遗症 #便秘 #失眠 #疼痛 每天吃4-8粒止痛药

https://youtu.be/W7hxK-oiwLA 谢谢Jacqueline 的分享 🙏🙏 两年前做了脊椎骨手术后 每天吃四-八粒止痛药 便秘几年 都需要放药才能上大号 21年的失眠😰 如今Aulora Pants 改善了她的生活 #aulorapantswithkodenshi #aulorasocks #aulorapants Phone - +6597232185 Whatsapp - +6597232185 Wechat - jimmysoo85 website - http://www.jimmysoo.com