BE Aulora Roadshow in Singapore

BE Aulora Roadshow in Singapore From first roadshow approx 200 pax in 2017 Dec, grow to 500 pax in last year 2018, and now tonight we have more than 1000 pax attendance 😱😱😱🔥🔥🔥 On Friday 16 August 2019, the roadshow in SG we have a powerful and great speaker RCCA Woon Chin Yin ... Model Catwalk … Continue reading BE Aulora Roadshow in Singapore

Aulora Panties and Aulora Boxer

The long wait is finally over!!! Did you make the right guess? BE International proudly presents to you our new products in the Aulora series - Aulora Panties and Aulora Boxer! What’s even better? They are made with our favourite Kodenshi® Fiber! 万众期待的一刻终于来临!!!您猜对了吗? BE International为您隆重推介我们Aulora系列的新产品 - Aulora Panties 和 Aulora Boxer!值得一提的是,它们是采用我们最喜欢的光电子®纤维编制而成的哦! #BEInternational #AuloraPanties #AuloraBoxer